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It is not until after they have a really good time together that Zach realizes that Asher thought he was someone else and it is not till the next day that Asher realizes his mistake as well. Can two men that started out on the wrong foot find the right footing together? Can a person scared to date anyone finally get over his insecurities and grab ahold of a good thing when he finds it?

Can someone that is used to being in the background get over his insecurities as well? This was a great romance story. It has little drama. Ari McKay did such a great job of making me fall in love with Zach and Asher. They are my new favorite couple in the series. I look forward to the next book in this series. Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review Feb 16, Becky Condit rated it really liked it. Hopefully that will give his boss the opportunity to give Zach a second glance. Well, it works, but not in the way Zach had hoped.

When Asher mistakes Zach for his regular escort appointment, Zach assumes that Asher actually wants Zach. God forbid they should actually talk or ask questions. But the sex is super scorching hot so they go with that, until Zach discovers the envelope of money Asher left for him without so much as a by your leave. When they decide to give it another try it sort of works, although there is enough misunderstandings between them to destroy any chance at happiness they might have.

Good story but I wanted to knock some sense into both of them.

Heart of Glass

Feb 23, Ali rated it really liked it Shelves: This story was a little different from the other in which we actually got to see these characters together and building their relationship during the story and I loved it. The cover art by Bree Archer is perfect and wonderful for this story. Mar 10, Amber rated it it was amazing. Full review available at: I absolutely adore this series. However, I love getting to see the cameos from the other couples from the previous books in the series and so reading the Full review available at: I also love to fantasize about who will be the next couple to get their happily ever after.

Laughing when they laugh, crying when they cry, feeling their hurt and sorrow, and elation when everything works out in the end because they finally communicated and worked out their misunderstandings. And feeling how much they love each other when they give each other their secret Santa gifts for the office Christmas party. And their chemistry for each other leads to some very hot scenes. In this book, we finally get to see who Asher Caldwell, senior litigator and one of the partners of Caldwell and Monroe, will fall in love with. However, this has left Asher with commitment issues and a fear of turning out like his unfaithful father.

He has a no relationship rule and hires escorts to fulfill his needs. However, he will only sleep with each person once. He even changed what kind of lawyer he wanted to be, and he got a job working at Caldwell and Monroe. Asher finds out about his mistake the next morning, and after talking to Zach and clearing up the misunderstanding, Asher confesses that he would like to see Zach again and try dating him.

I also like how Zach takes Asher home to meet the family, and Asher finally gets to see what a loving family is supposed to look and act like. Ari McKay is a new author to me. This is book three in the Lawyers in Love series and I have not read the others and I was able to follow along quite well.

This is a cute and sweet holiday read with little drama. Though it made me angry in the very beginning then it grew on me just as these two men did as well.

He watched with rapt fascination how Asher Caldwell presented a case and changed his mind from bein Ari McKay is a new author to me. He watched with rapt fascination how Asher Caldwell presented a case and changed his mind from being a prosecutor to a defense attorney in one fell swoop. So now we start this book with the worst case of mistaken identity I have ever read.

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Zack is in a bit of a dating rut and he, with the help of his best friend and his partner gets a makeover. Haircut contact lenses and new clothes. While he is out he gets a call and since he is lower level on the ladder he needs to bring a plea deal to his sexy commitment-phobic boss Asher Caldwell. When he shows up he is mistaken for an escort. See worst case ever of mistaken identity.

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This is where I did not like the book. How can you work with someone day in and day out and recognize them? It gave me a sense of Cinderella. In the fact that she danced with a man most of the evening and he had no idea who she was. Who the heck does that? Her face was the same as was Zach.

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Clothes and a haircut do not change you that much, plus he said his name. After these two have an amazing night Asher is wanting to break his rules. He wants a repeat and that never happens. When Zach leaves after the encounter is when he finally sees that Asher thought he was someone well and truly different. Hurt and confused he runs.

William Shakespeare & Christopher Marlowe

He still thinks it is the best night of his life. Deep down Zach has had a crush on him from when he watched him in the courtroom. They were great people and loved and support him to the ends. There is so much passion between these two men and I loved it after I got through the beginning. This is got like I said mild drama and a man that is confident as well as one that is so unsure of himself and what Asher thinks. How can Zach be enough when he is used to so much more.

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