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Other people are saying the US constitution contains no explicit right to marry. Saying marriage is a privilege, not a right. This statement states marriage isn't a law and that it is not guaranteed as a right to the people of the United States. Gay marriage or any marriage should be a celebration. Everyone should accept gay people, gay couples, and gay marriage. They should be accepted and have the same amount of respect as any other person in these here United States of America.

This goes for everyone we need to stop discriminating, and stop making the gays feel that they are a second-class because of the people they love. Not only was gay marriage something people had to protest about but to have equality in society. People get married to procreate which is why gay marriage is unacceptable.

Although they can create children starting a family is their choice. This implies how there are other ways to start a family, but also not every gay couple wants to start one. In , Therefore not every woman who is married wants to have children. No matter what sex orientation you are in the end we are all human and deserve to be treated equally. Statistics show that about 20 percent of students are physically assaulted because of their sexual orientation Gates.

Many students and adults who have a different sexual orientation are at risk of being abused, bullied, and even killed by other people Gates. In our teen age we tend to try to fit in with trends while others who are looking for their own identity get bullied. Marriage is only for a man and a woman.

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Due to religion, people would punish homosexuals for having a different sexual orientation. Back then having a different sexual orientation was seen as an act of sin since it was an uncommon thing to do. Marriage is a sign of commitment, but starting a family is an extra part to life. Academic Writing. Create account or Sign in. Home What is an Essay? Quick Academic Help. On the contrary, the vast, vast majority of the reaction to homosexuality has been at best critical and disgusted, and at worst murderously judgemental.

I recall an old Onion headline from back when they were still occasionally funny: One gay acquaintance of mine went absolutely livid with embarrassment every time the subject of pride marches came up: I remember in the late s we in Massachusetts were working on initiative petitions to make same-sex marriages legal. It had failed twice but support was growing and it would have passed on the next try but Margret Marshall and the Supreme Judicial Court, may they all rot in hell, jumped in and took it out of our hands.

They never should have done that.

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It would have been much better if the support for same sex marriages had emerged from the electorate and not been imposed by the judicial fiat. EK Would you also have suggested Lawrence, of Lawrence v. The best thing for a liberal is to befriend a conservative. The best thing for a conservative is to befriend a liberal. I would have thought the history of conservative opinion regarding homosexuality makes it quite understandable why few gay people gravitate to that side of politics. He should therefore be able to grasp that for many gays, conservative politics is associated with a real and understandable sense of personal threat.

There are plenty of conservatives who mean us real harm. You stated: Were you under the impression that the author had failed to grasp this?

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That was not my understanding. Which immediately produced murderous results, and to no revision of progressive strategy. As for the need for religion to fade away to before true equality can be achieved, it should be noted that many mainstream Christian denominations already allow full gay participation, although not without scandal, as the recent Catholic priest sexual abuse of alter boys seems to be a largely homosexual crime apparently the priestly vow of chastity has been interpreted by homosexuals to mean no sex with women.

Thus the people that the gay community might wish to emulate for wider acceptance would be someone such as Peter Thiel or Dave Rubin rather than a child molester priest or half-naked gay pride parade participant. The traditional homophobia of the Right is now a liability for the Right, and this will increasingly be the case as older generations of homophobes die off.

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Your inability to to keep pace with mainstream society in accepting homosexuality is very much your problem, not ours. The author himself points out that vocal and politically active homophobia is still commonplace on the Right. Mature gays just got on with their lives before any of this.

You guys have all the power and all the elite backing. That fucking baker was nice to those people, baking them cakes for years, and provided them the information of dozens of other people nearby that could provide the service they requested. Why the fuck do you need to go out of the way to ruin this persons life.

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  5. Mainline Christian denominations that have been on the forefront of leftist issues like gay marriage have been in decline for decades. They have low and decreasing attendance and their adherents tend to have low fertility rates.

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    To be blunt, the experience of leftist churches shows that there is no such thing as leftist christianity. Especially as regards sexual matters. The absolute core of what the church does it provide a life script for the successful formation and maintenance of families. People have to deal with their birth defects all the time. You deal with it, not demand society be turned upside down instead. But the religious homophobes are dying out too — their offspring are much less likely to be religious than they are, presumably because they recognise that religious belief is a serious intellectual and ethical disability.

    Why does the one need to be promoted and the other eradicated? I must admit a certain fascination over the question of whether homosexuality is a choice or immutable. Homosexuality as immutable rather choice currently has certain sociological advantages. However with current innovations in DNA identification and research, is homosexuality as an immutable trait desirable?

    If the gene can be identified, is there not a risk heterosexual parents could elect not to have homosexual children? Witness what is occurring in Iceland with Down syndrome infants. Is homosexuality diminished, if it is a preference, no different than preferring blondes, tall men, redheads, ect…? From my questions, I do not mean to infer a position on the genetic viability of homosexuality.

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    I honestly find the question interesting. I also believe there is some reason to believe unidentified childhood experiences e. Throughout most of history, most people with a sexual orientation favouring their own sex have nonetheless felt obliged to follow convention, marry a member of the opposite sex and procreate. These days, an increasing number of lesbian and gay couples raise families using various means, often involving gay sperm donors etc. And in the future, if any genetic link with homosexuality is established, it may be possible for any couples to actually choose to have gay children, via biotech intervention.

    If prospective parents were given a choice regarding the sexual orientation of their offspring, we would expect the statistical ratio of gays to actually increase, as many people enjoy diversity and will choose, for example, to have one straight kid and one gay kid. They can be attracted to women but if stuck in a situation like all male prison or away at sea…sex finds a way.

    Ken — there certainly is a gay agenda, which started as a means of trying to get some legal rights and social acceptance, but as with feminism has evolved into a more militant identity politics agenda that wants to force everyone to celebrate homosexuality and make it a part of school curriculum. This means avoiding much of the reality of homosexuality, such as it is likely a genetic or birth defect, is associated with high levels of mental illness and suicide, highly promiscuous sexual behavior among male homosexuals which is why AIDS spread so rapidly , and high rates of statutory rape not just limited to priests.

    On the positive side, homosexuals as a group have been quite successful in entrepreneurship, the arts, and tend to have above average IQ and incomes.

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    Quite why sexual preferences and gay sex techniques need to be part of school curriculum is beyond me, however, but then again I grew when school textbooks told me that George Washington was great general and outstanding president with nothing at all about his sexual preferences, Andy Warhol was a strange looking guy that made a fortune painting Campbell soup cans with nothing at all about him be homosexual, and sexual education was about learning how not to have any accidental pregnancies, which is seldom a problem for homosexuals.

    I do expect that Bubblecar will have a different opinion. Since the biological purpose of sex is to reproduce, and box sexes are needed to complete the transaction, homosexuality is necessarily a defect because two men or two women cannot naturally create a child.

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    6. My own view is that while hormones play a role in traditional categories of masculine and feminine behaviour, those traits touted as positive or virtuous examples of masculinity and femininity are actually attitudes and behaviours to which everyone should aspire, regardless of their sex. Question for you: We ought to look at the cultural baggage these groups bring with them. Why should gays support a party that seeks to increase the number of immigrants from deeply homophobic countries? Interesting that religion is not pluralised. Seems something is missing, yeah?

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